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We’re still open, but with a few new protocols

The Moda you love, but like, a newer, safer version.

In response to the Covid-19 situation our salon has recently modified & automated our appointment protocols for improved safety & efficiency. Please read over these policies before booking your next appointment so we can ensure your Moda experience is exceptional. 

Please note that due to limited capacity & social distancing policies we have changed our booking system to more accurately organize time in the salon. When booking a colour service please click yes when it prompts you to add another service. Navigate to either “Precision Cutting” to add a haircut, or to “Colour Finish” where you can select either a complimentary blow dry or upgraded style for our signature beachy waves.  

Here’s what to expect from our new automated protocols for your next appointment:

  1. After you book an appointment you’ll receive a confirmation email + text message so you know you’re good to go. 
  2. Head to your appointment for your designated time, but instead of heading inside to check in right away, just park, relax, and wait in your car.
  3. You’ll receive a text message 10 minutes before your appointment with a link to check in. Click the link and check in once you’ve arrived, and give us a few minutes to get ready for you, click on the COVID-19 screening link to pre-screen prior to arrival. Show us the Green Screen and by pass in the salon. Enjoy those glorious silent moments alone, babe. Catch up on those podcasts! Our gift to you.
  4. Keep your eye on your phone. You’ll receive a text message when your stylist is ready for you.
  5. Come on in! You can sanitize your hands & phone and get ready to be pampered.

 Just a few things to keep in mind while we’ve got ya here!

As Nelly would say, it’s hot in herrre. We have to wear our masks around blow dryers for 8+ hours a day so don’t be offended if we keep the convo to a minimum. We still love ya, we just love you from a distance. You get it, right?

Speaking of masks, please make sure you’re wearing yours over your nose & chin before you enter the salon. Try to minimize personal belongings into the salon (including coats if possible, we know this is Canada) to limit extra sanitizing.