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Bright Generation Curated Style Box

Bright Generation Curated Style Box - Moda Salon
Bright Generation Curated Style Box - Moda Salon

A combination of craftsmanship, natural durability, and clean beauty creating quiet luxury. This is the perfect for the clients that love to MASK!


Box includes:
Verso Hydration Mask & Eye Mask, Davines Circle Chronicles Spotlight Circle, Renaissance Circle, and Purity Circle.

Verso Hydration Eye Mask: Give the eyes a refreshing lift, with the Verso Eye Reviving Mask, part of the science-based brand’s skincare range. With eight times the beneficial effects of vitamin A complex, retinol 8 is a stabilised version of the original compound. It works to encourage the skin’s natural regenerative properties by nurturing collagen production. Enriched with hydrogel, it will infuse into the skin swiftly, delivering a moisturising boost which can last for up to 30 hours.

Verso Hydration Mask :This sheet mask with hydrogel technology and patent Artificial Moisturizing Factor provides deep and lasting facial hydration. It supports the skin’s ability to retain moisture and keeps skin hydrated for up to 120 hours.

DAVINES Renaissance Circle: Repairing mask, it gives new life to very damaged hair. It restores a healthy look to the hair giving it shine, nourishment and softness. Perfect for people who use hot tools.

DAVINES Spotlight Circle: Mask for extra shine. It gives the hair a boost of shine and enhances colour and cut without weighing the hair down. Perfect for all hair types, in particular for dull looking ones.

.DAVINES Purity Circle: Revitalizing, detoxifying and anti-oxidant mask for scalp and hair stressed by environmental factors. It eliminates impurities caused by pollution, dust, heavy metals for a purifying routine.


Bright Generation Curated Style Box - Moda Salon
Bright Generation Curated Style Box - Moda Salon