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Curated Style Box

The prefect combo kit for anyone needing to enjoy a little self care!  Kit Includes: \n

Nourish your face

  • Verso Deep Hydration Mask uses hydrogel technology to provide deep and lasting facial hydration. It keeps your skin smooth and fresh.
  • Verso Reviving Eye Mask is a moisturizing hydrogel mask with Retinol 8 that provides energy to the skin area around the eyes.
Nourish your hair
    • Davines Renaissance Circle Mask 50ml - Repairing mask, it gives new life to very damaged hair. It restores a healthy look to the hair giving it shine, nourishment and softness. Perfect for people who use hot tools.

    • Purity Circle Mask – 50ml- Revitalizing, detoxifying and anti-oxidant mask for scalp and hair stressed by environmental factors. It eliminates impurities caused by pollution, dust, heavy metals for a purifying routine.

    • Let It Go Circle Mask – 50ml Relaxing scalp and hair mask. A true wellbeing experience: softness, hydration and comfort for hair and scalp needing a break.

For a little Glam 
    • Matte Liquid Lipstick by Evagarden make-up, an explosive condensate of pure liquid colour, intense and vibrant, which, for the first time, combines an ultra matte finish, extreme durability and surprising comfort. An unprecedented concentration of pigments covers your lips with a single coat of solid, bold colour, for an absolute matte effect that adheres perfectly straight away, creating a ‘second skin’ effect. Extremely easy to apply thanks to its ultralight, smooth and creamy formula that contains moisturising ingredients. Lips with an incredibly velvety matte effect, impeccable and well-defined, with a rich and intense colour. No need for touch-ups and extreme durability for an incomparable matte finish.