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Evagarden BB Lipstick

EVAGARDEN make up BB lipstick is the extraordinary blend of a lipstick and a lip balm in a single product.
The performance of a lipstick is

combined with that of a treatment that moisturizes and plumps the lips out instantly. Moisturizingsoftnesssmoothness and long-lasting volume effect combined with a full and bright colour. It is like real cosmetic surgery for the lips: thanks to the encapsulated active principles that penetrate deeply and produce a three-dimensional effect that assures firmness and tone.

Soft and elegant application touch for an intense and bright colour with an ultralight film.

• Lipstick+ Balm
• Nude Shades
• Finish: Satin to Glow
• 8 shades available

• Hydrating
• Plumping
• Collagen: helps to smooth out the lip

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