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Evagarden Love Nude Shadow Palette

With the Evagarden Eyeshadow Palette "Love Nude"
Timeless Beauty idea: Romantic, Sophisticated, Iconic and
The Make up routine becomes anything but boring. An Ultra Chic pocket
palette with 4 Must Have shades to create endless looks, giving you freedom
and plenty of room to experiment.
Turn your makeup everyday and on any occasion to always show the best
version of yourself. With the versatile and timeless shades of the Eyeshadow
Palette "Love Nude" you will always have your own true idea of beauty at
your fingertips.

1 Velvet Matte Eyeshadow and 3 Glaring Eyeshadow featuring warm colors
going from ivory towards soft pink, copper and rich brown shades. Easy to
apply ultra Light texture with incredible color pay off and extremely long
wearing eyeshadows thanks to the unique Evagarden technology.