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Naturica Moisturizing Gift Pack

This perfect gift set includes:

N°1 Volumizing Experience Shampoo 250ml
N°1 Moisturizing Defense Conditioner 200ml
N°1 Hair Brume 50 ml 

Moisturizing Defense line

Naturica Moisturizing Defense products are created to give intense nourishment and hydration for normal to dry hair.

A protein-rich formula that contains Wheat and Soy proteins, Grape Seed and Black Mulberry extracts, Vitamin E, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Keratin extract.

These products hydrate and discipline dry and frizzy hair, leaving it soft, silky and with a healthy and shiny look.


Volumizing Experience line

The specific line for fine and limp hair. It gives body, volume and fullness to the hair.

Their products replenish and rebuild the internal structure of fine and limp hair giving them volume and strength, as well as a beautiful visual appearance.

The formulas of Naturica Volumizing Experience line are enriched with natural Sicilian ingredients such as Red Sicilian orange, Rosemary essential oil and also natural Proteins and Vitamins.