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In salon sampling this season - Bumble and Bumble Primer or Sumotech


Olaplex Complete Hair Repair Family

Our patented bond building technology is featured in every one of our products which will help repair bonds at molecular level in every step of your hair routine. Take our Hair Diagnostic to get a specialized routine for your specific hair needs.

This Kit Includes Full Sizes Of:Nº.0 INTENSIVE BOND BUILDING TREATMENT (155ml / 5.2oz), Nº.3 HAIR PERFECTOR (100ml / 3.3oz), Nº.4 BOND MAINTENANCE SHAMPOO (250ml / 8.5oz), Nº.5 BOND MAINTENANCE CONDITIONER ( 250ml / 8.5oz), Nº.6 BOND SMOOTHER (100ml / 3.3oz), Nº.7 BONDING OIL (30ml / 1oz), Nº.8 BOND INTENSE MOISTURE MASK (100ml / 3.3oz), Nº.9 BOND PROTECTOR NOURISHING HAIR SERUM (90ml / 3.0oz) 

Nº.0: Use as a two-part system with N°.3.
Nº.3: Use up to three times a week for damaged hair.
Nº.4 + Nº.5: Formulated for daily or every wash use.
Nº.6: Use after each wash, or as needed for styling.
Nº.7: Can be used daily on wet/dry hair, or before styling with heat.
Nº.8: Use weekly for best results.
Nº.9: On days you wash your hair + any days in between for added protection.
All hair types. Especially those wanting the full OLAPLEX experience.