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Opuntia Oil for Men Gift Set

This kit includes:

N° 1 Hair & Beard Normalizing Shampoo 250 ml 
N° 1 Hair & Beard Leave-in Conditioner 150 ml 
N° 1 Opuntia Oil Beard Oil 65 ml 

Opuntia Oil for Men is the complete range of men care products characterized by the uniqueness and preciousness of its main ingredient: prickly pear oil.

Products of this line are dedicated to the care and well-being of hair and beard. Their naturally derived formula treats, nourishes, and strengthens hair and scalp, protecting it from pollutants and oxidative stress.

Why Opuntia Oil?

The prickly pear botanical name is Opuntia ficus-indica. Opuntia oil is a very rare and precious oil, extracted from the seeds and cladodes of prickly pear. It boasts important antioxidant, regenerative, moisturizing, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.
Thanks to its high content of essential fatty acids, omega-6 and omega-3, and of tocopherols, such as delta-7-stigmasterol, it gives the hair a unique shine, protection, softness and manageability.