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Rica Opuntia Oil Treatment Bundle

The Opuntia Oil range offers a combination of treatments characterized by the uniqueness of their main ingredient, the Opuntia oil (Prickly Pear oil). Hydrolyzed Keratin and Vitamin E provide exceptional softness, shine and body. Extracts of Walnut hull and Chestnut add protection against free radicals and superior hydration. Light and creamy textures that adapt to all hair types needs, for daily maximized benefits.

Why Opuntia Oil?

The Opuntia oil is a very rare and precious oil extracted from pure seeds and cladodes of prickly pear. It ensures antioxidant, regenerative, moisturizing, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Opuntia Oil Low Shampoo


Shampoo with a soft and creamy texture suitable for all hair types. It produces a gentle and delicate foam easy to rinse off and leave behind no residue thanks to the mild and hypoallergenic surfactant formula.

The Opuntia oil together with the Hydrolyzate Of Keratin and Vitamin E gives hair outstanding softness, manageability, shine and body.

The Walnut Hull and Chestnut extracts add extra protection from radicals action and greater hydration.

Opuntia Oil Intensive Treatment Mask


Mask treatment with Opuntia oil, vegetable extracts, ferment filtrates and proteins derived from Kale, Carrots and Lemon. A state-of-the art technology allows to reach several benefits, depending on the processing time.

It’s a brand new treatment. Different processing times, different extraordinary results. One single product. It improves hair strength. Protects the hair fiber through the formation of a biomimetic cuticle. Gives body, nourishment and hydration in addition to protection against external damage.

Opuntia Oil DD Haircream


It’s a multi-effect beauty potion without rinsing. It gives body, softness and detangles even the most frizzy and rebellious hair. It is also ideal for speeding up the blow-dry and helping to extend the styling.

Its formula rich in Opuntia oil deeply hydrates and softens the hair fiber, making it shinier and protecting it from the aggressive action of hot tools and UV rays.

Opuntia Oil set 2:
Opuntia Oil Low Shampoo (250ml)
Opuntia Oil Intensive Treatment Mask (150ml)
Opuntia Oil DD Haircream (150 ml)