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Rica Out of Sight Root Concealer

Micro pigments ensures an immediate and uniform coverage of regrowth and gray hair between two color services. It suits the color base of the hair from black to blond

Why We Love It

• Easy to use
• Works in a few seconds
• Applies to blow dried hair
• It doesn’t wet
• Lasts till next shampoo
• Uniformly covers the color of your roots new root concealer benefits
• 4 shades to meet every need
• Absorbs dirt and greasiness, instantly refreshing your hair

4 Different shades:
• From black to dark brown from brown to light brown
• From brown to light brown
• From light brown to dark blonde
• From dark blonde to blonde

How to use:
1. Chose the shades accordingly to your base colour.
2. Shake the can.
3. Spray continuously maintaining a distance of about 4 inches from the root.
4. Ready to go!