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Basic Blowout – 

If we’re being honest, there’s nothing really basic about this blowout. You’ll be treated to a relaxing shampoo and then a voluminous and sleek round brush that will make you feel like a million bucks! Great for date night, photo shoots, weekly styles, or anytime you want to treat yourself! 

Kris Sabrina Jess K Jess G Angie Sheenya
$55+ 45+ 39+ 39+ 39+ 35+

Glam Blowout – 

When volume is life! Get an #Insta-worthy blowout, complete with glamorous waves or curls. Great for special occasions, or when you’re feeling fancy! 

Kris Sabrina Jess K Jess G Angie Sheenya
$63+ 60+ 55+ 55+




Customized Updo – 

Half Updo –

Whether you’re looking for something polished and elegant, or flirty and fun we’ve got you covered! Our team loves customizing updos for those once-in-a-lifetime occasions like prom, weddings, birthdays. Bring us some photo inspo of the look you’re going for and our team will be happy to style an updo or half-updo that will last all night! 

Bridal Service  – Please Inquire

It’s our turn to say YES! It would be our honour to be your trusted hair team on your big day. We customize bridal packages, please call our salon to inquire for more details!




Soothing and antiseptic treatment for oily and dry dandruff – When: approaching the periods during which you normally show the symptom or when you want to reinforce the antidandruff treatment at home.


Intensive treatment for oily and dry dandruff. When: scalp produces large amounts of oily or dry dandruff and needs to be deeply regenerated.


Rebalancing and normalizing treatment for oily scalp – When approaching the periods during which clients normally show the symptom.


Intensive rebalancing and normalizing treatment for greasy scalp.  When the scalp is affected by visible hyperproduction of sebum.


Revitalizing and deep detoxifying treatment for scalp lacking tone. When: the scalp is asphyctic (having a dull, non-rosy appearance) and in case of temporary and light exfoliation caused by external and environmental factors.


Regenerating treatment to deeply detoxify the scalp from environmental impurities
When: the scalp is asphyctic (having a dull, non-rosy appearance) and requires deep regeneration to counteract irritation, tingling and itching.


Regenerating treatment to deeply detoxify the scalp from environmental impurities
When: the scalp is asphyctic (having a dull, non-rosy appearance) and requires deep regeneration to counteract irritation, tingling and itching.


Intensive calming and soothing treatment for sensitive scalp.


Energizing and thickening treatment for fragile scalp and hair prone to falling out
When: To strengthen fragile scalp and give body to fine hair that is prone to falling out. As a preventive or maintenance treatment after intensive treatments.


Intensive treatment for fragile scalp and hair prone to falling out due to seasonal or stress-related causes. When: In case of excessive hair loss and weakened scalp due to
seasonality or stress.


Intensive treatment for fragile scalp and hair prone to hormone-related hair loss When: In case of excessive hair loss and weakened scalp due to hormonal factors (androgenetic alopecia).


Replumping and deeply moisturizing treatment for all hair types When: Any time the hair requires a treatment for compacting and replumping its structure with deep hydration. It can be used also for longer lasting styling with a humidity-proof effect.


Replumping and elasticizing intensive treatment for all hair types When: When hair is visibly dehydrated and lacking elasticity


Nourishing treatment for dehydrated scalp. Ideal when hair is subject to stress to prevent and repair damages When: Any time scalp is dehydrated and hair is dry and brittle


Intensive reconstructive treatment for severely dry and damaged hair When: Intensive reconstructive treatment for severely dry and damaged hair.


Beautifying longevity treatment for all scalp and hair types When: Suitable for all scalp and hair types to maintain the ideal state of health, favouring longevity.


Intensive anti-ageing treatment for all scalp and hair types When: Suitable for all types of scalp and dull hair, in need of a treatment giving immediate softness and shine to hair.


Moisturizing and protective treatment for all hair types When: For all scalp types and healthy hair that does not need specific


The Circle Chronicles masks are formulated to be extraordinarily effective with immediate results. They are enriched with active ingredients of natural origin that provide a characteristic colour: starting with clays, 100% natural bamboo charcoal and “super food” plants such as moringa butter and matcha tea extract, which are known for their many beneficial properties. When: ANYTIME! BONUS: INCLUDES A TAKEHOME TREATMENT!


OLAPLEX restores damaged and compromised hair by repairing from the inside out with our patented single ingredient, bis-amino diglycol dimaleate. Once all the bonds are intact and in alignment, you have healthy, beautiful, shiny, touchable hair.


Smoothing Treatments

Cezanne Classic Smoothing Treatment– from $249

Transform your frizzy, difficult, kinky, curly hair into soft, manageable, beautiful locks. Reduce your drying and styling time by client reported 33-50%. Enjoy no wait time to wash, color, workout or pull back with clips or a ponytail! You’ll leave the salon looking fantastic with completely wearable hair.

Reduce wave and curl, eliminate frizz, add healthy shine! With a Cezanne Keratin Treatments, coarse or curly hair types can wear a smooth style. Some clients with relatively straight hair turn to this keratin smoothing treatment when they want to wear a sleek and straight style. It's not only for coarse or curly hair types. How long a Cezanne Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment lasts depends on the thickness and length of your hair and ranges up to 5 months.

It’s important to bear in mind that if you have highly textured hair, a Cezanne Hair Smoothing Service will not straighten your hair completely. This treatment is used to smooth and reduce frizz from curly or wavy hair rather than make it permanently straight. A chemical relaxer will deliver permanent results and straight hair. A keratin smoothing treatment is actually a nice break from chemical relaxers as it gives your hair a rest while still giving you that manageability you desire

Cezanne Ultimate Blonde Keratin Smoothing Treatment– from $249

Ultimate Blonde Keratin Smoothing Treatment -Perfect for blonde and grey hair to reduce yellow tones.


Hair Extensions

Hot Heads Tape-In Extensions Consultation Required*


Hotheads Hair Extensions are uniquely designed to lay completely seamless and undetectable in the hair. Manufactured with amazing quality human remy hair with the cuticle intact allows our hair to be reapplied up to 3 times, while still looking and feeling amazing. Clients will get 8 to 10 weeks of wear from each application.

• Offered in 4 lengths.
• Wear straight or wavy. Water will activate a slight body wave, which allows them to be worn straight or wavy.
• Each pack contains 20 pieces, which makes 10 complete extension attachments.

Hot Heads Sew In Weft Extensions – Consultation Required*

Hotheads® Hair Extensions are human hair, adhesive weft extensions that are applied without the need for tools or heat. Our goal was to create revolutionary products for the salon professional that are simple, fast, and extraordinary. For clients, their products have completely changed the way their hair looks and how they feel about themselves. 

Hot Heads Keraflex™ Fusion Extensions – Consultation Required

Hotheads® Keraflex™ Extensions are the softest, most flexible keratin bond with a concealed matte finish. Our proprietary keratin formula offers a notably more hidden and comfortable application. Keraflex™ is available in 21 of our most popular colors, including 9 Colormelts™.

Siesta Invisioble Clip-In Hair Extensions – Ask your stylist today!

SEISETA “Invisible Clip-In” Hair Extensions are made with the exclusive “B-Cover” technology: a special system, that is the result of the company know-how, thanks to which the application mimics the natural hair growth from the root, guaranteeing a completely invisible result.

SEISETA, for its Hair Extensions production, uses high-quality Indian Hair 100% Remy. This type of hair is characterized by the particular bean shape stem, which makes them strong and full-bodied, giving volume. Indian Hair has a soft and silky feel to the touch.

The Clip system makes the application and removal, easy, fast and safe.

INVISIBLE Clip-In Hair Extensions allows to increase volume by 60%, creating Highlights, Ombre and color effects without the use of chemicals.