2023 Summer hair trends you need to try

And what you need to achieve them

Summer is full of our favourite things to do including beach days, backyard parties, and delicious dinners on a sunny patio. No matter what you get up to, read more about the 2023 summer hair trends that will make you look amazing. 

All of these effortless summer hairstyles are perfect for months when the weather is sizzling, which can make hair fall flat, frizz up or stick to you when you’re already sweaty.

Before we jump into the 2023 trends that make achieving perfect summer hair easy, just a heads up that the key to a lot of these styles is using high-quality hair products. If you’re afraid to start using products because, in the past, they have made your hair feel sticky, greasy or dirty you are not alone! First of all, products have come a long way since the Aquanet of the 80s or the green hair gel of the 90s. Secondly, using quality products makes all the difference. Salon-quality products contain ingredients that protect and nourish hair instead of drying it out. 

Trend # 1 - Ballerina Buns

Ballerina buns have always been a chic option for easy style. However, cute ballerina buns are having their moment right now thanks to celebs like Hailey Beiber and social media trends like the “clean girl aesthetic”.

Why we love a ballerina bun: This style is flattering on almost all hair types and lengths and can be adapted for all different occasions. It’s also the perfect updo for when you want to get the most out of your hair wash, sleek buns look cute!

The key to the perfect style: Honestly? Clean hair isn’t your friend here. Save your ballerina buns for the end of your hair wash cycle as hair with a bit of grit and texture to it works best! You’ll want to utilize products that give you texture and hold, and get that bun smooth, girl! The sleeker the better.

Products we recommend: Start your style with an anti-frizz product to achieve that smooth af style. Our fave is Oi Hair Milk. Once you’ve smoothed your hair back into the shape you want it, spray the ends with a texturizing spray to get some hold to your bun. We love This is a Dry Texturizer. Finally, finish off with a quick spray to keep your style in check. Try Touchable by Kevin Murphy.

Trend # 2 - Dreamy Beach Waves

The theme for 2023 hair trends is all about embracing imperfection and emphasizing natural beauty - which is why beach waves are one of our absolute FAVORITE styles for just about anyone. It’s an easy and effortless way to look like you just stepped off the beach or are ready to walk the red carpet.

Why we love beach waves: There are so many reasons to love this style! If you have a natural wave or curl to your hair, beach waves are the perfect way to embrace your natural texture in a fun, polished way. If your hair is naturally straight, beach waves are easily made natural-looking for a more relaxed style. These dreamy, beachy waves are so versatile - they can be styled into an updo or left loose for a more relaxed style. Plus, they are super quick to style and look good on all hair types.

The key to the perfect style: Let loose, baby! Beachy waves are all about imperfection. Utilize your natural wave with a bit of product and random curling iron touch-ups, or create your own waves with a wand or long barrel curling iron. The key to nailing this style is to wrap the hair in different directions and thicknesses to emulate non-uniform natural curls.

Products we recommend: Texture is necessary for waves that stay! Start with a sea salt spray for that tousled, beachy texture - we love This is a Sea Salt spray. Finish your style with a flexible hair spray with medium hold, we love Builder’s Paradise Working Spray.

Trend # 3 - Tousled 90’s Updos

The 90s are back in full force right now! Although we’d love to leave some of the cringier trends in the 90s, we’re loving the comeback of the tousled updos made famous by 90s icons like Pam Anderson and Jennifer Aniston. For the ultimate hit of nostalgia, grab your Lisa Frank notebook and take notes on this trendy look.

Why we love tousled updos: This style, like all the rest, is all about effortless chic. It’s the perfect way to turn last night’s curls into a chic updo or go all out with volume for an extra sultry look. There are no rules when it comes to this tousled look, the messier the better! This makes layered cuts perfect for this style, which are also trending for 2023!

The key to the perfect style: Volume and big bouncy curls! If you’re starting with a blowout, using a volumizing spray will help hold your height. If not, a texturizing spray will help create that piecy look. If you want a time-saving hack, try using a cute claw clip to hold hair up before starting to pin it in place. As we mentioned before, this style is all about messy chic. So have fun with it!

Products we recommend: If you’re starting from wet hair, make sure to set a good foundation for your blow dry with a volumizing spray. We recommend Root Canal Volumizing Spray. If you’re using yesterday’s curls, start by refreshing your hair with a texture spray to help increase your hold power. We love Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Soft Texture Spray

Trend #4 - Sleek Ponytails

High ponytails are going to be one of the most popular styles of Summer 2023. It’s easy to see why - you can easily make a ponytail work for any hair type or occasion! Dress your ponytail up or slick them back for a cute, casual look.

Why we love styled ponytails: These are the ultimate versatile style. You can style natural hair or braids, wear your ponytail up high for a sleek look, add bows or accessories, wear it curly or straight, or make it voluminous and chic. Ponytails are an easy style that will last all day, and are the perfect style to look cute and stay cool at the same time!

The key to the perfect style: This isn’t your everyday boring pony. Invest in good products that will help you achieve and hold the style you love, whether it is low and sleek or high and voluminous. You’ll want a serum to help keep frizz at bay and something to add texture for more volume or hold on your curls.

Products we recommend: Just like with our ballerina buns, you’ll want to start with an anti-frizz serum to help smooth hair into your desired shape. Then use a sea salt spray to add texture, and finish with a medium hold hairspray. You’ll want to make sure your ponytail is secure with a tight elastic or cute scrunchie.

If it’s been a while since you’ve added products to your daily routine, it’s time to reconsider! Our selection of professional-grade styling products is essential for healthy hair and stay-all-day summer styles. To achieve all of these amazing summer styles click the links for each recommended product, or search our online storefront for sea salt sprays, anti-frizz serums, and heat protectants. Shop all of our products here

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