Are beach waves going away?

Y2K Style is back. Here’s how to get it.

One trend that we can count on in 2023 is the resurgence of nostalgic trends (some we love, some should probably stay in the past). Notably, we’re seeing a revival of lots of 90s + Y2K hairstyles, including beach waves!

You might remember Y2K hairstyle trends from your Teen Vogue magazines such as these:

  • Butterfly Clips
  • Super sleek high ponytails
  • Bubble braids
  • Chunky highlights
  • Bright coloured peek-a-boos
  • Flipped in/out ends
  • Separated bang pieces
  • Crimped hair/natural looking waves/ beachy waves

Y2K's fashion comeback might make some cringe, but we think that a modern take on a nostalgic trend can be so fun. The early 2000s brought back lots of boho-inspired hairstyles which included a precursor version of today’s beachy waves as an everyday style and red carpet look. Today’s version is a little more polished than the Y2K looks but if you’re looking for a nostalgic style with a modern update you’re sure to love beach waves!

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If beach waves are your jam, you’re in good company! You can always upgrade your blowout to include our signature beachy wave style for your next date night or girl's night out.

What happened in Y2K style?

The Y2K era was all about striking a balance between bold and cute aesthetics. Picture space buns, chunky highlights, and adorable accessories. Y2K style was defined by influential celebrities who effortlessly rocked these trends. We can't forget the iconic looks of Britney Spears, Destiny's Child, Christina Aguilera, and the Olsen twins. While there were some fashion choices that may raise an eyebrow today (extra-low-rise jeans, we're looking at you), many beloved styles from that era are making a comeback. Who could help but love butterfly clips, braids, and waves again?!

Are waves going out of style?

Let's get straight to the point—beach waves are here to stay! This year, we're witnessing a fresh update to Y2K-inspired waves. They still exude a boho vibe but with an updated polished and classic appeal. The beauty of beach waves lies in their versatility and universal appeal. They look great on everyone, regardless of hair type or length. With the right products to prep and hold your hair, beach waves can be a long-lasting style that looks amazing for any occasion. And if you want an extra dose of Y2K nostalgia, why not pair your waves with a few butterfly clips or transform leftover waves into a cute updo using a claw clip?

How to get Y2K-inspired waves

If you're looking for the absolute easiest way to achieve Y2K-inspired waves, treat yourself to a professional blowout. Book an appointment at your favourite salon and let your stylist work their magic with beach waves that last all day. However, if you prefer a do-it-yourself approach, all you need is a wand or a big barrel curling iron and this tutorial video to guide you through this easy style! To add that Y2K flair to your waves, experiment with a middle part and leaving the ends out of the wave for a relaxed, beachy look. If you’re feeling bold you might even want to incorporate that signature Y2K pop of colour with temporary hair colour or coloured extensions.

To ensure your waves stay in place, we recommend using a sea salt spray to start to give your hair texture and hold and help give hair that effortless beachy vibe. Once you've styled your waves, use a flexible hold hairspray to finish the look and keep your style holding strong throughout the day. For an extra touch of shine, gently tousle your waves with a tiny dab of oil on the ends to give your hair a glossy and polished finish.

To sum up, if you were a fan of Y2K style and want to bring it back in a modern and playful way, this summer is your time to shine! Beachy waves, reminiscent of the Y2K era, are here to stay and can be a fun and nostalgic look for every day or a special occasion. So grab a wand or a big barrel curling iron, gather your favourite salon-quality products, and get ready to transport back to the 2000s! Maybe even throw in some blue mascara or juicy tube lip gloss if you’re feeling extra dreamy.