Stylist Recommended Hair Care for Spring

Out with the old & in with the new! Spring is a time for new beginnings and a sign that better days are just around the corner. The same goes for your hair!

Winter can be harsh on your skin and hair, so spring is the perfect time to focus on some self-care to help breathe the new life into them that you need.

Self-care & a regular beauty routine is important all year-round but spring months are a great time to focus on a few extra treatments & adapt your routine to warmer months. We LOVE spring & the extra care it means for your hair. Here are a few self-care steps we recommend this season.

#1. Get a fresh cut.

Winter can be harsh and drying on your hair with the dry air, indoor heat and extra use of hot tools. So now is the best time to say goodbye to those dry, dead ends with a healthy trim. Spring is all about new growth, so the same should go for your hair!

This is a good time to freshen up your style. The milder months in between hot summer & cold, dry winter make spring a great opportunity to try something new.


#2. Use the right products to rehydrate.

The cold, winter air can do a serious number on our skin & hair. It’s important to add some moisture back & rehydrate hair when you can in order to get that silky, shiny and healthy hair we all want.

We recommend using a hydration-specific shampoo + conditioner full of nourishing ingredients to help keep your hair soft & manageable. Here are a few we love.

This might also be a great time to show your locks some love with extra conditioning treatments. These help restore hair health and restore & lock in moisture. Plus who doesn’t love a hair mask & Real Housewives night?! Here are a few hair treatments we love:

davines circle chronicles


#3. Be prepared to fight frizz.

Along with May flowers, April showers can also bring flat, frizzy hair. It’s nothing you can’t handle!

If you’re likely to get caught in the rain on your way into the office, start your style with a frizz-fighting smoothing serum. This will help seal your cuticle & reduce the resulting damage from the rain. We love Davines Love Smooth Perfector.

With wet weather always around the corner in spring we also recommend sealing your blowout with a smoothing cream that will naturally fight frizz & flyaways. Two of our faves are Sachajuan Styling Cream and Davines Love Hair Smoother.

#4. Do a deep cleanse.

Imagine spring cleaning for your hair! Using a deeply cleansing shampoo a few times over the next few months will help clarify locks from all the environmental pollution we’re exposed to in the wintertime. If your hair is lacking some shine this time of year, a deep-cleansing or detox shampoo will help remove long-standing product buildup that contributes to dull-looking and heavy hair.

This Davines Solu Sea Salt Scrub Cleanser will leave your hair feeling fresh, light and soft. This Rica Detoxifying Comfort Shampoo is our favourite for sensitive scalps and more frequent use.

#5. Give your scalp a reset.

The dry winter air & cold temperatures aren’t just hard on our hair, but our scalp too! Harmful pollutants & product build up combined with freezing temperatures cause our scalp to itch and flake in winter. As a result, it causes our glands to work overtime in an effort to counterbalance the dryness, causing oily hair.

Ditch winter dryness & step into spring refreshed & clean by showing your scalp some special attention. A shampoo specific for rebalancing or soothing irritated scalps and removing dandruff is great to add into your regular rotation. We highly recommend these ones:

Our team of stylists and product experts can help you ditch the dry & start spring with soft, shiny hair. Book a treatment or shop for more cleansing & smoothing products. 


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written by Samantha Robert