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Services - Colour

Ready to refresh that colour, babe? If you’re unsure of what service you might need to accomplish your dream colour please give us a call and we’d be happy to offer a complimentary consultation. All Foil Sessions include toner and Davines Rebuilding Treatment 

Full Foil/ Balayage

Master Senior Lead Apprentice
200.00+ 190.00+ 180.00+ 159.00+

For those babes who want it all! Our Full Foilwill give you a gorgeous all-over multi-tonal look so that every angle is your hair’s best angle. The perfect service for those who love to be light all over, or looking for a dramatic change.

Half Foil/Balayage

Master Senior Lead Apprentice
180.00+ 170.00+ 160.00+ 140.00+

You’re a free and easy babe who can’t be tied down, and we love that about you! Half Foiling Session offers you all of the brightness you crave without commitment. We’ll place one of our signature techniques foils, baby,teasy hand painted balayage on the top and sides of your head to frame your face. Perfect for those who want to embrace a natural look, or maintain their glow in between full services. 

Partial Foil 

Master Senior Lead Apprentice
155.00+ 145.00+ 130.00+ 120.00+

Wow! Did you just get back from vacation? Accent highlights are the perfect way to achieve an au-naturel sunkissed look and add some subtle dimension to your hair. We’ll apply a few teasy lights throughout your hairline and sides to brighten up your face beautifully. The absolute easiest way to feel like a new you.

Colour and Foils

Master Senior Lead Apprentice
190.00+ 180.00+ 165.00+ 155.00+

Just need a refresh? We will apply a few Balayage, Foils,Teasy-lights, Foiliage, Babylights or Lowlights through your hair line, a couple on the sides and add the root colour. This is the perfect little “pick you up” and add a root colour/smudge.

Creative Colour

Master Senior Lead Apprentice
235.00+ 206.00+ 190.00+ 179.00+

Calling all trendsetters! If you’re looking for a Pinterest-worthy colour that utilizes a comnation of techniques to create a unique multi-dimensional look (like a reverse balayage!), we got ya girl. Your Moda Salon colour expert will recommend the perfect combination of base colour, highlights, lowlights, hand painting, or balayage to achieve whatever your heart desires. 

 Full Colour

Master Senior Lead Apprentice
130.00+ 120.00+ 110.00+ 90.00+

Looking to add a little spice to your already stunning self? From warm chestnut to lavish auburn and everything else in between; get a rich colour from root to end with an all-over colour application. Great for grey coverage or to add some shine to our brunette and darker-coloured solid-toned babes. 

 Root Retouch 

Master Senior Lead Apprentice
95.00+ 88.00+ 83.00+ 75.00+

Is it just us or did you just get younger?! Cover those pesky “nordic blonde” hairs or simply touch up that new hair regrowth with one solid colour. Recommended every 6 to 8 weeks for optimal maintenance.

Tzone- Retouch 

Master Senior Lead Apprentice
79.00+ 70.00+ 63.00+ 55.00+

Have an important function or want to Cover those pesky “nordic blonde” hairs or simply touch up that new hair regrowth with one solid colour? Recommended every 2 to 4 weeks for optimal maintenance.

Gloss + Blowout 

Master Senior Lead Apprentice
90.00+ 70.00+ 67.50+ 42.50+

If your blonde isn’t feeling quite right a toner will help reduce brassiness, enhance vibrancy or add depth to your roots. This is a great way to treat yourself to a quick refresh & relaxing service or to help maintain that picture-perfect blonde in between appointments!

Gloss + Hair Cut 

Master Senior Lead Apprentice
105.00+ 95.00+ 85.00+ 70.00+

If your hair is in between needing a little maintenance and a full colour, we’ve got just the thing! A toner will help reduce brassiness, enhance vibrancy or add depth to your roots to revive your colour, followed by a beautiful precision cut. 


Colour Finish  (for the instaworthy look)

All colour services are finished with a signature round brush blowdry completed by our apprentices.


Advanced Colour

Platinum Blonding – Consultation Required

Achieving a Platinum Blonde look is a big project! (As in, multi-steps are required!) If you’re looking to go from Kim to Khloe Kardashian, we request you come in for a complimentary consultation to ensure that your goals, our processes and the health of your hair are in alignment. We will discuss the journey needed to achieve the look and the required maintenance to keep it!

Global Blonde- Consultation Required

If blondes have more fun, and time flies when you’re having fun does that mean that time always flies for all blondes? If that’s the case it’s understandable if some time has elapsed since your last root touch up! If it’s been 6-12 weeks since your last appointment and you have overgrown roots that need attending to, this service is for you! Our Global Blonde service will fight to band and ensure an all-over beautiful blonde.


Vivids + Pastels* –Consultation Required

You were kind of digging the pink hair on your Instagram filter, so now you want it IRL? WE GOT YOU, BABE. Rock the trendiest tones right now, like Turquoise, Blush, and Coral, from bright vivid colours to soft romantic pastels, we can create it! Consultation with one of our Moda Colour Experts required!

Corrective Colour* – Consultation Required

Oops! If your DIY colour didn’t exactly go the way it was supposed to, don’t panic (Omg please don’t try to DIY fix it either), our pros can still salvage it! Put down the colouring kit and pick up the phone to dial our Style Helpline at 905-419-6632. Our trained staff will be able to help offer stylish & not at all conspicuous hat recommendations to get you here, kind words of reassurance, and colour correction and smoothing treatments. You’ll forget it even happened, until it shows up in your Facebook Memories next year. 

Prices may vary based on product usage or additional time required. Additional Units of Colour are $12 and Lightener is $14.50