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Davines Rebalancing Cleansing Treatment for Scalp

Davines Rebalancing Cleansing Treatment is an Innovative cleansing scalp treatment to effectively contrast sebum hyperproduction. Infused with natural origin ingredients, it promotes the maintenance of a healthy scalp without the rebound effect often associated with sebum regulating treatments. It brings freshness and leaves hair and scalp perfectly purified.

It can work in association with the Rebalancing Shampoo to provide  extra  purification  of  the  scalp  whenever  it’s  needed. WITH   GINGER, CINNAMON AND BURNET EXTRACTS  ESSENTIAL OILS OF PEPPERMINT AND EUCALIPTUS 100%  NATURAL,  known  for  their  stimulating  activity on microcirculation  as  well  as  anti-inflammatory  and  antimicrobial.

HOW TO USE Apply into dry scalp using the nozzle to create sections and distribute evenly the product. Leave on for 2-3 minutes. Add some water,  emulsify,  massage  and  rinse.  Repeat  application on wet hair if necessary. APPLICATION FREQUENCY Alternate the use of Rebalancing Cleansing Treatment with Rebalancing Shampoo. The best results are achieved after at least 28 days of this routine.