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Repowering High Dose Lotion -Opuntia Oil for Men

Men’s hair loss shock lotion. Its formula, based on algae, slows down acute hair loss, providing the scalp with the essential nutrients for a more abundant and healthy regrowth.

Size: 12 vials with 6 ml.

In addition, Lindera root modulates scalp microbiota in order to restore its optimal balance.

  • Concentrated shock dose
  • Slows down the acute fall
  • Modulates the microbiota
  • Prolongs the average hair life
  • It is not greasy and does not clog the bulbs


How to use

Apply the vial content on scalp, at the roots of washed and towel-dried hair, using the special applicator. Gently massage to promote absorption. Do not rinse. After usage, remove the applicator from the vial and rinse with plenty of water. Use one vial a day.