Confirmed Rumors: Sabrina Bids Farewell to the Chair, Welcomes New Role as Client Experience Manager!

After two decades of skillful artistry and unwavering dedication, Sabrina has decided to gracefully hang up her scissors and embark on a new adventure within our salon. This transition will be effective as of October 1st.


We recognize that for many of you, Sabrina has evolved from being a mere stylist to becoming a confidante, a source of comfort, and a cherished friend. Her impact has transcended mere hair care, making her retirement a bittersweet moment. However, we are thrilled to inform you that although Sabrina will no longer be crafting hairstyles, she will continue to play an essential role within our team.


Sabrina's journey has been one characterized by gratitude. She is profoundly appreciative of the steadfast patronage you have extended to her over the years. Your trust, your word-of-mouth recommendations to your loved ones, and the friendships that have blossomed have made her career exceptionally rewarding. Your role in creating a remarkable clientele is an integral part of what defines her professional voyage, and for this, she extends her heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you.


In the spirit of this exciting change, Sabrina will be transitioning into a specialized role aimed at supporting you, our valued clients, in an even more dedicated manner. As of October, she will be your primary point of contact for any inquiries or assistance you may require. This encompasses a range of services, including those related to our online store.


We invite you to join us in celebrating Sabrina's extraordinary career journey and the commencement of this new phase in her life. This transition is not an end, but rather the commencement of a fresh chapter filled with possibilities. It's important to note that Sabrina's schedule is now full, and regrettably, she will be unable to accommodate new appointments moving forward. If you have any appointments scheduled after October 1st, we will be reaching out to you promptly to arrange suitable alternatives.