Kris Embarks on a Journey of Mentorship and Education in the Hairdressing Industry!

We are thrilled to bring you some fantastic news that will shape the future of our salon and elevate the craft of hairdressing across the industry. Our very own Kris has taken a bold step towards mentorship and education, with the aim of revolutionizing the way we perceive and experience hair care. Kris's dedication and vision will not only transform our salon but also have a lasting impact on the hair industry as a whole.

A Vision for Bettering the Hair Industry

Kris's decision to shift his focus towards mentorship and education wasn't an easy one, but it's an exciting and fulfilling journey that he's embarking on. With a strong vision to enhance the entire hair industry, Kris is poised to make a difference through a multifaceted approach. He is set to support our distributor by training apprentices and advocating for much-needed changes in the hair schooling curriculum and certification process.

A New Role in Education

In addition to continuing his regular services for his clients, Kris is taking on a new role as an educator within our salon. This role will see him dedicated to developing the skill sets of our team members through personalized 1:1 mentorship. This approach promises to nurture talent, foster creativity, and ensure that our team members continue to excel in their craft.

Balancing Act: Behind the Chair and Beyond

While Kris embraces his role as an educator, he'll still be available to cater to his clients. You can book appointments with him two days a week, on Mondays and Thursdays between 10 AM and 4 PM. But that's not all. Kris is going the extra mile by dedicating additional time to offering mentored appointments alongside our apprentices, adding a unique dimension to the salon experience.

Commitment to Quality: Modest Price Adjustment

To maintain the level of excellence and dedication you've come to expect from us, there will be a modest price increase implemented. This adjustment allows us to sustain the high-quality service you've grown accustomed to while managing the limited availability of Kris's time due to his mentorship and education initiatives.

A Bright Future for Apprentices and Clients Alike

This journey is an exhilarating opportunity for our apprentices. Kris's intentional pursuit of mentorship and education promises to enrich their learning experiences and set them on a path of growth and success in the hairdressing world. But the benefits don't stop there. We believe that you, our cherished clients, will also reap the rewards of our commitment to education and unwavering dedication to exceptional service for years to come.

Understanding Your Needs

We understand that the changes in scheduling and pricing might not align with everyone's preferences. If that's the case, worry not! We're more than happy to recommend alternative highly qualified stylists who can provide the same level of care and service you've come to love.

For those interested, Kris's service menu is available below for individual appointments. If you're looking to book a mentored appointment, you can call the salon at (905) 419-6632 to schedule with Harley and Kris.

In embracing this new chapter, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey of transformation, education, and unparalleled hair experiences. Together, we're shaping the future of hairdressing, one strand at a time.