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Elevating Scalp Recovery Treatment -Davines

Davines Elevating Scalp Recovery Treatmentis a Leave-on scalp treatment with Microbiotic Booster, designed to rebalance of the natural ecosystem of the scalp. With an immediate and long-term moisturizing and soothing


MICROBIOTIC BOOSTER  known for its effectiveness in maintaining the integrity of the skin barrier, for a balanced scalp ecosystem.

TASMANIAN PEPPER BERRY EXTRACT rich in strong antioxidants, unique phytochemicals and anti-inflammatory active molecules, this extract helps to instantly soothe the discomfort of a reactive scalp and relieve itching sensations.

FUMARIA OFFICINIALS EXTRACT rich in glycans, it helps to limit the release of inflammation markers, protecting the scalp from external stressors and calming irritation and itching.


Apply directly to the scalp using the spray nozzle, focusing on the sensitized areas or areas that need relief. Massage until completely absorbed. Do not rinse.


Apply the product on clean scalp after each shampoo. If necessary, it is possible to renew the application even on dry scalp.