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DEPOT® NO. 602 Scented Bar Soap

DEPOT® NO. 602 Scented Bar Soap-for Men

Bar Soap

Cleanses gently,leaving a pleasant scent on the skin.

  • .DARK TEA.

Botanical complex,a blend of 10 plant extracts with multiple beneficial extracts for the skin
Erythritol,a humectant,helps to keep skin soft and supple
Glycerine,a humectant,maintains the correct moisture level

CLASSIC COLOGNE: with a fresh and slightly floral fragrance.

WHITE CEDAR: with a citrus, woody and amber fragrance.

FRESH BLACK PEPPER: with a fresh, woody and spicy fragrance.

ORIENTAL SOUL: with an oriental Chypre, spicy and slightly floral fragrance.

DARK TEA.: with a spicy, aromatic and woody fragrance.


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