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Rebuild Shampoo -Naturica

Restructuring and revitalizing shampoo for blonde hair 100% Vegan.

Moisturizing, nourishing and protective creamy-textured shampoo, formulated with extremely delicate surfactants and ideal for blonde hair. It deeply cleanses scalp and hair, leaving it clean, hydrated and shiny.

VEGANOK certified product and made according to the philosophy

Rebuild Shampoo is the first gesture of the blonde hair ritual designed to gently cleanse, deeply repair the hair, making the blonde revived, luminous and long-lasting.
In addition, it is enriched with the color-safe formula to preserve and maintain one’s natural and/or cosmetic blond.

– Hydration guaranteed by the low molecular weight hyaluronic acid .
– Natural shine .
– Anti-fading color effect with the color-safe formula.
– Repairing and antioxidant properties.
– Extremely gentle cleansing thanks to innovative surfactants.

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